IELTS preparation courses

IELTS Preparation classes in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking are being offered for 5 hours per week for 4 weeks. Both Academic and General Training modules are available.

During the 20 hour course students will:

  • increase familiarity with the test format
  • practise all question types for each module
  • focus on timing
  • complete practice tests under exam conditions
  • receive feedback from experienced IELTS teachers
  • gain confidence

Start dates January to July 2016:

  • 27th January (Wednesday) [*Tuesday Australia Day] -18th February
  • 23rd February - 17th March
  • 5th April - 28th April
  • 10th May - 2nd June
  • 5th July - 28th July


Tuesday 3:30 - 6:30     Task 1 Writing, Reading, Listening 

Thursday 3:30 – 5:30   Task 2 Writing, Speaking


Download an application from IELTS webpage or collect a hard copy from the IELTS Office (LC2:34) in The Language Centre.

The course costs $400.00.

Email payment by credit card to

The course is not available to student visa holders as their principle course.

For further information contact IELTS Office, The Language Centre, Ph: 49217183