Students in the third year of an Education program can apply to undertake their professional experience placement at an International school.

Education Placements


Eligible students in the third year of a School of Education (SoE) program, can apply to undertake their professional experience (PE) placement overseas. Please be sure to read all the information provided on the SoE Professional Experience webpage before proceeding with your application.

You can also watch videos about SoE students who have travelled abroad for their education placements on the SoE International Profile website under the link titled A Global Student Community.

Please note that the approval process for International Education Placements is located within the School of Education - not the International Office.  Please also note that approval is not guaranteed for all applicants.

If you are interested in undertaking your 3rd year professional experience placement overseas, you will need to complete a multiple-stage application process.  The School of Education has created a flowchart to guide students through the different stages - please click here to view the International Placement Approval Process: a visual guide.  

Contact the Professional Experience Unit if you have any further questions and clarifications.

To start the process, please complete both the Overseas Travel Assessment Worksheet and the Online Overseas Travel Assessment Form. Shortly after completing the above travel assessment forms (usually within one week) you will be contacted by email by the Professional Experience Unit and directed to log onto the SONIA placement system to complete an online SoE International Placement – Expression of Interest (EOI) form.  These first two steps must be completed by 30 April 2015 in order to be considered for an international placement in November 2015.

Options for undertaking an international Professional Experience placement

Organising an international PE placement successfully will take time and careful research and planning.  It is a good idea to start your research and planning at least a year in advance of the placement.   As previously stated, the Application process includes the submission of an Expression of Interest (EoI) form.  This form will ask you to provide as much detail as possible about your intended Host School and your reasons for choosing to do a placement in a particular location.   

You can organise an international education placement in one of two ways: through a Partner University OR by contacting a school on your own.  Both avenues will require research and planning on your part. It is also always a good idea to consult with your Program Convenor while planning for your international education placement.

In the last two years, SoE students have successfully organised placements through UoN partner universities such as Dortmund University (Germany) and the University of Northern Iowa and the University of Arkansas (USA).  Please contact the International Office for a current list of Partner Universities that may be able to assist you in organising a placement in an English-speaking school.  Please note that not all the universities that partner with UoN for student exchange are in a position to facilitate appropriate Professional Experience placements for SoE students.

Also in the last two years, students have independently organised their placements in schools in diverse locations including Vietnam, Sweden, New Zealand, Vanuatu, UK, USA and China.

If you have any further questions or clarifications, please contact the Professional Experience Unit at

How will I pay for this experience?

Students may be able to access schemes such as the OS-HELP Loan scheme and iLEAD Travel Grant.

OS-HELP: is an Australian Government Loan scheme that allows eligible Australian students to access up to $7500 to undertake some of their study overseas. OS-HELP is applied to your HECS debt and standard conditions apply. OS-HELP can be used for a range of expenses such as airfares, accommodation, and any other travel expenses.

The iLEAD Travel Grant: is available for University of Newcastle students that are active members of iLEAD - have attended at least 3 talks and completed at least 10 activity points. Join Today!

For more information please contact the international office