Students in the third year of an Education program can apply to undertake their professional experience placement at an International school.

Education Placements


Students in the third year of a School of Education (SoE) program, can apply to undertake their professional experience placement overseas. The third year professional experience placement courses listed below are offered in semester two each year. Students enrolled in either of these courses are required to undertake a 20 day professional experience placement in an out of area location in the four weeks directly following the last teaching week of semester 2 (after Week 13).

Secondary undergraduate program – 3rd year professional experience course: EDUC3196 Quality Teaching, Equity and Diversity 7-12.
Primary and Primary/Early Childhood programs – 3rd year professional experience course: EDUC3185 Integrated and Differentiated Curriculum

If you are interested in undertaking your 3rd year professional experience placement overseas, you will need to submit an expression of interest by the closing date of 30 March 2015. The steps for submitting an expression of interest include:

  1. Ensure you have met (or will have met by Nov 2015) the number of units applicable to this placement Course. (If unsure, please refer to the  Course Handbook or discuss with your relevant Program Convenor.
  2. Research and decide where you would like to undertake your placement - (see below for options).
  3. Complete the Overseas Travel Assessment Worksheet
  4. Complete the Online Overseas Travel Assessment Form
  5. Complete the Online SoE International Placement - Expression of Interest (EOI) form when advised to do so by the Professional Experience Unit (PEU).
    IMPORTANT: You will receive an email from the PEU with a link to the SONIA online SoE International Placement – Expression of Interest form after the 30th March 2015.

Completed the above forms and want to know what happens next?

a)      International placement applications go through an official UoN approval process. This approval process takes place after the completion of steps 1 – 5 above.
b)      All SoE International Placement EOI placement applicants will be advised by email by the PEU of the outcome of their application following the approval process (usually within two to three weeks following the closing date).

IMPORTANT: If you have changed your mind and want to withdraw your SoE International Placement EOI then please email

Options for undertaking an overseas placement

Partner University

The following University partners can help students to organise an overseas placement including organising the school placement in an english speaking school and accommodation.Please note, Partner universities have limited places.

Organisation Details
University of Arkansas, USA For more information contact Laura,
University of Northern Iowa, USA For more information contact Stephanie,
Dotmund University, Germany For more information contact Laura,
Hong Kong Institute of Education For more information, click here
St Louis University, PhilippinesFor more information contact Ms Tita Marzo,
Ateneo De Manila, PhilippinesFor more information contact Jayson Cervantes,

Contacting a school independently

The Professional Experience Unit (PEU) can assist in providing you with a template letter to send to schools in a specific location you are interested in.

By selecting an independent school, be aware you may have to find your own accommodation.

How will I pay for this experience?

Students may be able to access schemes such as the OS-HELP Loan scheme and iLEAD Travel Grant.

OS-HELP: is an Australian Government Loan scheme that allows eligible Australian students to access up to $7500 to undertake some of their study overseas. OS-HELP is applied to your HECS debt and standard conditions apply. OS-HELP can be used for a range of expenses such as airfares, accommodation, and any other travel expenses.

The iLEAD Travel Grant: is available for University of Newcastle students that are active members of iLEAD - have attended at least 3 talks and completed at least 10 activity points. Join Today!

For more information please contact the international office