Find out about costs and scholarships at the Universality of Newcastle, Australia

Costs and scholarships

There are various costs and fees associated with studying at UoN. It is important to be well informed about these costs when considering your study options.

Scholarships for International Students

 Please view our full list of scholarships at  scholarships for international students.

What will my studies cost?

Whether you are an undergraduate student, postgraduate student or research higher degree student, you will find information about your international student fees below.

What you pay

Tuition fee


Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

You also need to allow for other costs.

International students need to pay a deposit fee when you accept your offer.

For information about 2014 tuition fees please contact:

2015 tuition fees

Check out the tuition fee quick guides below for your level of study to get an idea of what you will pay.

2015 International undergraduate indicative annual fees by program (PDF, 144KB)
Diploma, advanced diploma, associate degree or a bachelor degree.

2015 International postgraduate indicative annual fees by program (PDF, 227KB)
Graduate certificate, graduate diploma, coursework masters degree or doctorate.

2015 International research higher degree indicative fees (PDF, 241KB)
Research masters and doctoral degrees.

If you are already enrolled, you can estimate your tuition fee for 2014 based on the courses (subjects) you are enrolled in. You may find this fee estimate table (PDF, 16KB) useful for adding up the individual course fees.

  1. Locate the course codes for the courses you are enrolled in. You can find your enrolment details by logging into myHub through myUoN, or check the requirements of your program in the degree finder under the handbook tab.
  2. Look up the fee for each course code using the fee schedule for your level of study:
    1. 2015 International Undergraduate Fee Schedule
    2. 2015 International Postgraduate Fee Schedule
    3. 2015 International Research Higher Degree Fee Schedule
  3. Courses are grouped by subject areas and different fees apply to each area. The four letter abbreviation at the beginning of the course code tells you the subject area.
  4. If you are full-time student you would normally have eight courses, each with a unit value of 10. A normal full-time study load is 80 units in any year or 40 units per semester/trimester.
  5. Add the fees for each course to get an estimate of your tuition fee.


If an international postgraduate student in 2014 were to undertake 3 courses in Mathematics (MATH), 2 courses in Philosophy (PHIL), 2 courses in History (HIST) and 1 course in Chemistry (CHEM) then they would calculate your fees as follows:

Course code
Fee per course
Number of courses
with the same code
B x C
MATH 2500 3 7500
PHIL 2070 2 4140
HIST 2070 2 4140
CHEM 2975 1 2975
TOTAL    18755

This assumes all courses have a 10 unit value. If a course has a value other than 10, then the calculation needs to be weighted appropriately.

You can estimate costs for later years based on these rates but international student course fees are adjusted regularly and are subject to change.

Payment plan

If you can't pay your tuition fees by the due date, you may be eligible to apply for a payment plan. These are only available if you're experiencing genuine financial hardship. Submit an application for a payment plan (PDF 287KB) before the census date of the term the fees apply to. You can submit your application at the Hunter Hub or email it from your student email account to our fees office.

Student services and amenities fee (SSAF)

SSAF for 2015:

  • full-time students on campus - $286 per year
  • part-time students on campus - $214 per year
  • full-time and part-time students off campus (e.g., online, distance or Port Macquarie campus) - $214 per year

Deposit fee

Once you accept your offer you will be required to pay a deposit fee (currently $6,500AUD). This will be used as payment toward the cost of your tuition fees for your first semester of study with the University. Find out about refunds of the international deposit fee.

This fee does not apply to international students who study with GradSchool.

Other costs

The tuition fees cover teaching costs only. You also need to plan for international and domestic travel costs, accommodation and meals, books, living costs and overseas student health cover charges. Find out more about living costs.


You will receive two bills - one for your tuition fee and one for your SSAF. International tuition fee bills are issued in the week leading up to each semester/trimester. If you enrol after this time, you will receive your bill in the week after your enrolment. We will send an email to your student account each time a bill is generated. Bills can be viewed and paid by logging into myHub through myUoN.