School of Environmental and Life Sciences

Laureate Professor John Aitken

Reproductive Medicine

Laureate Professor Aitken is a global authority on reproductive biology. Supported by funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), his research offers a solution to unsustainable population growth.

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Dr Hannah Power

Earth sciences

The research of Dr Hannah Power focuses primarily on the study of coastal processes and the geomorphology of sandy beaches.

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Dr Ian Grainge

Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Dr Ian Grainge is interested in all aspects of how bacteria pass on their genetic information, from DNA replication to chromosome segregation and accurate cell division.

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Professor Eileen McLaughlin

Professor Eileen McLaughlin is researching the mysteries of conception. She produced her first test tube baby in 1983, just five years after the world's first IVF birth. More recently her focus has been the fertility prospects of older women.

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Dr Zamira Gibb

Dr Zamira Gibb is a postdoctoral researcher in the field of equine fertility enhancement who works closely with industry to improve reproductive outcomes.

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Professor Chris Grof

Biologist Professor Chris Grof's love of plants has developed into a quest to engineer a viable biofuel that could reduce Australians' reliance on fossil fuels.  Director of the Centre for Plant Science, Professor Grof has taken a lead role in a research project to develop sorghum as a biofuel.

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Professor Adam McCluskey

Professor Adam McCluskey is the Director of the University of Newcastle’s Priority Research Centre for Chemical Biology. He is involved in research resulting in four key drug discovery areas being pursued: epilepsy, kidney disease, cancer, and anti-viral.

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Associate Professor Rob Atkin

Associate Professor Rob Atkin is making an important contribution to the development of better and potentially greener industrial liquids.

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Dr Xiao Yang

Spanning all levels of biological organisation, Dr Xiao Yang's research into intricate antibiotic-disease relationships is helping to combat the spread of multi-drug resistant bacteria.

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Dr Mark Baker

Dr Mark Baker has picked up the pace of sperm cell research by harnessing the power of proteomics.

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Dr Silvia Frisia

Associate Professor Silvia Frisia's work within Earth Sciences employs cutting edge technologies to attempt to reveal more about the history of the earth and also the history of humans.

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