Aboriginal Missions and Reserves Historical Database (AMHRD)

Welcome to the University of Newcastle's Aboriginal Missions and Reserves Historical Database (AMHRD), emanating from the School of Liberal Arts under the direction of Assoc. Prof. Hilary M. Carey and Dr. David Andrew Roberts. The database aims to provide a comprehensive and authoritative online resource for researchers in Aboriginal and mission history.

To date, the database had two major components, The Wellington Valley Project and Awaba.

The Wellington Valley: Papers Relating to the Church Missionary Society Mission to Wellington Valley, New South Wales, 1830 - 42.

The Wellington Valley Project offers a full, critical edition of the records of the Church Missionary Society's mission to the Wiradjuri people of Wellington Valley in the newly opened districts west of the Great Dividing Range. At around 1,000 manuscript pages of letters, journals, diaries and reports, written by four missionaries, these records represent one of the largest and most important sources for the history of the colonial frontier in New South Wales.

Awaba: A Database of Historical Materials Relating to the Aborigines of the Newcastle-Lake Macquarie Region.

Awaba contains an archive of historical records relating to Aboriginal and European contact in the Awaba region of New South Wales. From the Awaba site, you can read a transcript of the Awabakal gospels and consult other texts and images relating to the culture, history, language, people and places of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.