Our ResLife Program offers support, social interaction and assitance to residents living on campus

UON Student Living

Support and residential life

Going to university is a life changing experience and living on-campus is about embracing all of what university has to offer. All residents living on-campus at the University of Newcastle are supported by a dedicated team of residential staff and live-in student residential assistants who work together to ensure that each resident feels supported during their time at UON Student Living. 

Our professional and student staff work hard to bring you a great residential experience for your first year and beyond, encouraging social interaction, enhanced learning and assist with the transition of living away from home.

The ResLife Team

The Residential Life Team (ResLife) is here to help you in the transition from living at home to living in a more independent environment at UON Student Living. Through the ResLife Program – chock full of activities and experiences - the ResLife team works to provide all residents the opportunity to make the most of their time at the University of Newcastle and become involved in all aspects of life on campus. 

ResLife is responsible for ensuring that the Residential Assistants (RA) and association teams at each residence develop and implement a wide range of activities that cater to the diverse range of residents who call UON Student Living home.

ResLife is also responsible for addressing welfare concerns and discipline issues and plays a large role in the day-to-day lives of all of the residents.

The ResLife Program

The ResLife Program includes a calendar of student-driven activities in response to the changing needs of the residents, and a scheduled program to develop the skills of an individual. 

A highlight of the ResLife program is the long-standing Inter College Competition (ICC), which is engaged in by residents with vigour and passion, celebrating the diversity of talent and strengths within our community.

The ResLife Program provides an integrated program of activities in the following areas:

Diagram of ResLife Program Activities. Acedmic activities support achievement, skill building and the development of lifelong learning. 

Cultural activities that foster tolerance, community awareness and celebrate the diversity of the residential community. 

Social activities are inclusive and promote the development of of interpersonal and social skills. 

Life skill activities promote self-sufficiency, social responsibility snd personal growth. 

Environmental activities promote environmental sustainability, and the activation of the built and natural environment through our use of these spaces. 

Health and Wellbeing activities promote a holistic approach to health encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, and teh opportunity to partake in cultural and community life.

Your time at university is a life-changing one, and it's important to support the very reason why you are here. Your university coursework and assessments can be a pretty big change from the type of learning you have done previously. ResLife encourages you to tap into the wealth of experience and advice available from fellow residents, and the support services that are available on campus.

ResLife offers academic support with mentors available across a variety of degrees, including specific course guidance in Engineering, Health, Science, Business and Commerce courses. General organisation, study techniques and examination support is also offered by mentors in each of the residences.

Other ways residents are supported with their academic endeavours include:

  • Group study sessions
  • Faculty dinner and dessert nights
  • Faculty lists identifying residents in similar schools or courses
  • Study Skills and Professional Skills workshops
  • Awards and recognition for academic achievement
  • ICC Academic Shield

All work and no play can make for a pretty dull life.  We are here to make sure that there are social activities that will cater for everyone's tastes. You'll have the opportunity to get involved in after-hours activities and events that will bring out the social butterfly in anyone.

  • Special screenings of  key sports events
  • Interest groups – travel, arts and craft, cult movies
  • Casual afternoon lawn games and board game evenings
  • Residence BBQs
  • Formal Dinners and Balls
  • Floor and Block functions
  • ICC Shield Dinner

ResLife encourages all residents to be aware of the environment in which we live. We strive for environmental sustainability and respecting and protecting our natural resources. We support this at UON Student Living in several ways:

  • Smart consumer choices
  • Supporting local produce with trips to the Newcastle City Farmers Market
  • Bike Ecology – build and maintain your own bicycle, it's a great way to get around campus!
  • EarthHour and GreenWeek
  • Education, awareness and promotion on the proper use of  recycling and waste management
  • Community Garden
  • A Waste As Art category is now included in the ICC Arts Shield

Being a resident at UON Student Living is an opportunity to experience an amazing and diverse community. ResLife celebrates not just our ethnic diversity, but also encourages the sharing of our life experiences and promotes knowledge, skills and talents in culture and the arts in the following ways:

  • Multicultural Pot Luck Dinner
  • Arts and Craft workshops
  • Music jam sessions
  • International and Domestic Buddy program
  • Language Conversation groups
  • World Movies
  • ICC Arts Shield

For many people, their residential experience at UON Student Living is their first time away from home. No one is going to be washing your laundry, or those dirty dishes. ResLife is here to help you tackle what is hopefully not a giant leap into adulthood. Look out for these ResLife workshops being held throughout the year aimed at building your life skills.

  • Car maintenance
  • Cooking Workshops
  • Managing finances
  • Skills in searching and applying for employment
  • Volunteering
  • ICC Charity Shield
  • ICC Bloody Shield - annual intercollegiate competition to donate blood and save lives!

There's only so long you can run on minimal sleep, partying, two-minute noodles and chocolate. Look after yourself and your time at university is going to be much more enjoyable, not only on a personal level, but also in how well you handle your studies and your coursework. ResLife promotes a holistic approach to health encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing in the following ways:

  • Wellness workshops – nutrition, combatting stress, healthy living
  • Casual sports equipment for use with your mates
  • Sexual health information
  • Mental health support
  • Walking and running groups
  • ICC Sports Shield