Frequently asked questions about our on-campus accommodation

UON Student Living


If you're new to living on-campus, information can be something of an overload. Read through some of our frequently asked questions and answers for help.

  • Can anyone apply to live on campus at UON Student Living?

To be eligible to apply you must have applied to become a full or part-time student or be already enrolled at the University of Newcastle. You must be aged 18 or turning 18 in the calendar year in which you will live on campus. 

  • Should I apply to UON Student Living if I have not received an offer to study at the University of Newcastle?

Yes, if possible. Demand for on-campus accommodation is high so we encourage applications to be lodged as soon as possible.  This would mean, prior to you receiving your University offer. All fees/payments except for the processing fee are refundable on presentation of supporting documentation of not gaining acceptance into the University.

  • Can I apply to live on-campus for my entire university degree?

No. Applications to live on-campus are made on an annual basis. 

  • How do I choose the residence that will suit me best?

It is recommended that you think carefully about how many people you want to live with, how much cooking you would like to do and what facilities you desire. It may also be beneficial to talk to past and current residents. Read our Where Can I Live? pages for more information.

  • Can I visit the UON Student Living facilities before making my application?

Yes. You can contact the UON Student Living office to book an accommodation tour subject to timing and availability of the room.

  • Are there any male only or female only accommodation areas?

Yes, UON Student Living offers single gender areas for those interested in living only with others of the same gender. The single gender areas are subject to availability

  • Are there any quieter living arrangements?

Yes, we offer Lifestyle Areas, which are suited for those with an appreciation for a quieter living environment and minimal alcohol, while still enjoying UON Student Living activities. The Lifestyle area is subject to availability.

  • Are there any academically focused areas?

Yes, the Honour, Postgraduate and RHD areas are suited to those with a heavier academic workload, who appreciate living in a mature, quieter and academic focused area. These areas are subject to availability.

  • How do I apply to live on-campus at UON Student Living?

All applications must be made by completing an online application form via the UON Student Living Portal.  

  • When do applications for UON Student Living open?

Applications for 2015 open at 9:00 am (AEST), 1 October 2014.

  • How do I get a login ID and password to make an online application for accommodation?

If it is the first time you have made an application for accommodation, you need to go to the UON Student Living Portal and register for a login ID and password. Click on the 'Register' tab to enter your details and generate your login for future use.

  •  Do I have to make a separate application for the different residences?

No, you can only make ONE application with the option to nominate up to four different room preferences. 

  • What do I need to make a complete application?

You will need an electronic head and shoulder photo of yourself and any supporting documents. You will also need a (non-refundable) $100 processing fee payable online by Visa or MasterCard.

  • I have already submitted my UON Student Living application, can I make any changes to my personal details or preferences?

Yes, if you would like to change your preferences or any other details, please email

  • What are the 'special admission categories'?

Special admission categories have been developed to ensure rooms are available to students with particular abilities or situations. Each category has a certain minimum number of rooms being held aside for suitable students until 2 January 2015, at which time they will be offered to the general student population if available.

The categories are:

- Students with a Medical Condition

- Students with a Disability

- Students of Indigenous / Torres Strait Islander descent

- Honour, Postgraduate and RHD students

Those suitable to apply for one of these categories should undertake the normal application process before 2 January 2015 and indicate their particular suitability where required within the application.

  • When will I be notified if I am offered a room on campus?

We aim to send an official offer to successful applicants by 19 December 2014.

If you are not offered a room on-campus during the main round of offers (19 December 2014), you may still be offered a room at a later date if you wish to remain on the wait list. You will be asked if you would like to be on the waitlist if you are not offered a room initially.

  • What happens to my application fee if I am not selected for on-campus accommodation?

The processing fee is non-refundable and must be paid at time of making an application online to complete and validate your application.

  • If my application for UON Student Living is not successful, what other options do I have?

The University of Newcastle offers free assistance to all UON students wanting to organise off-campus accommodation by providing information about rental accommodation and maintains an interactive database of current off-campus accommodation options. Find out more about our off-campus accommodation service.

  • I have forgotten my login ID and password for the UON Student Living Portal, what do I do?

Email your full name, student number and date of birth to and we will email your login ID and password. 

  • Can I defer an offer for on-campus accommodation?

No, if you are offered a spot on campus it is only for the current year. 

  • When will I have to pay the processing fee, acceptance fees, security deposit and licence fee in advance?

The $100 (non-refundable) processing fee is payable upon submission of your application.

The Community and Building Levies, together with the Security Deposit and Licence Fees in Advance are payable to accept an offer of accommodation. The payment date for this will be communicated within the offer itself. 

  • What are the total fees and charges I need to pay to accept my offer to live on-campus?

When making an application for on-campus accommodation the following application and acceptance fees also apply:

- Processing Fee (Non-refundable) - $100.00 (full year or single semester)

- Acceptance Fee (Full year) is a total of $500.00 and consists of Community Program fee $250.00 and Building Levy $250.00

- Acceptance Fee (Single Semester) is a total of $350.00 and consists of Community Program Fee $125.00; Building Levy $125.00 and a Single Semester Fee $100.00

- Security Deposit (refundable) - Equivalent to 4 weeks x weekly room rate (full year or single semester) 

- Licence Fee In Advance - Equiv. to 2 weeks x weekly room rate (full year or single semester)

Note: The Security Deposit is held against any licence fee, damage or other miscellaneous charges outstanding at the end of the contract period.  If no charges are outstanding, this will be refunded.

  • How do I pay for my weekly accommodation fees?

Your weekly accommodation fees are paid by Direct Debit.  All residents are required to sign up to a Direct Debit Authority via the UON Student Living Portal allowing UON Student Living to deduct your account on predetermined, fortnightly Direct Debit dates.  You can also pay  your account via the online UON Student Living Portal in advance of these dates if you wish to make bulk payments.

  • What catering options are available?

We offer catered, semi-catered and self-catered options in our residences. Meal Plans may be also be purchased - 5 meals package for $56.25 per week and a 16 meals package for $116.25 per week.

  • I have special dietary requirement, is this catered for in catered accommodation?

If you choose catered accommodation a majority of special dietary requirements are catered for, just let us know before arriving so that our kitchen can accommodate you.

  • Is Halal food catered for and included in the fees for catered accommodation?

If residents adhere to a Halal diet, it may be preferable to stay in self-catered accommodation. There are butchers within in the Newcastle area that provide Halal meats. The caterers for the catered accommodation ensure that all chicken meats is Halal, but do not provide Halal lamb or beef.

  • What equipment is supplied in the self-catered kitchens?

Kitchens are partially equipped containing kettle, toaster, microwave oven, electric stove/oven and fridge/freezer. The kitchenette in studio rooms is partially equipped containing kettle, toaster, convection microwave, electric stove and fridge/freezer.

  • Can I bring a car to college?

Yes, however to park within the residential colleges you will need to obtain a Residential Parking Permit.  These permits for 2014 cost $151.66 for a full year and $75.83 for a half year only (Callaghan campus).  Blue Gum House at Central Coast campus has its own car park with no charge parking.  To coordinate a Residential Parking Permit contact the Accommodation Services office.

  • Is it ok for my friends or family to visit me?

Friends and family are welcome to visit, please read the Visitor and Guest policy within the Residential By Laws to familiarise yourself with the guidelines.