Newstep foundation studies at the University of Newcastle provides an alternate pathway to tertiary study for people 18-20 years.


Fast Facts

Can the age restriction be relaxed?

No, students must be aged 18 to 20 in the year they undertake Newstep. If you're aged over 20 years and exploring university pathway programs, you might like to review our Open Foundation  program. If you are from a Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island background and aged 18+yrs you may enrol in the Yapug program.

Are there any costs involved?

There are no tuition fees. Students do not pay HECS. Students will be expected to purchase course readers or textbooks where appropriate.

Can I get financial assistance while I study Newstep?

Newstep is a Centrelink approved full-time program and as a Newstep student, you may be eligible to apply for Youth Allowance financial assistance. Please contact your local Centrelink office for details.

Can I study Newstep part-time?

Newstep is only available as a full-time program. You must attend about 15 hours of classes each week, and it's recommended that you allocate about the same amount of time for at-home study.

What is the choice of courses (subjects)?

Students undertake 80 units of study. There is a 10 unit compulsory course in each semester: Academic Literacies 1 and 2. Students choose their other 60 units from a range of social science, mathematics, science, information technology, design and humanities courses.

Is the same range of courses offered at Newcastle (Callaghan) and Central Coast (Ourimbah)?

Yes, except in the case of a few electives (i.e. physics, earth science and philosophy are offered only at Callaghan).

Can students study courses offered at both campuses?

Yes, for example, students from Ourimbah can study Physics at Callaghan in semester 2.

Do Newstep students have to pass all their courses?

No, students must attempt 80 units and pass 70 of the 80 units studied in order to satisfactorily complete the program. Students may carry over a partially completed program to the following year.

Do Newstep students have to apply through UAC for undergraduate admission?

Yes. Newstep students apply for admission to a university undergraduate degree program via UAC. At the end of the Newstep program, you will receive a score based on the average of the marks you gained in each course. This average mark is converted to a University Admission Ranking. Students are NOT sent an ATAR by UAC.

What undergraduate degrees can Newstep students apply for at the University of Newcaslte?

All undergraduate degrees, except Medicine. However, the highest admission ranking which a Newstep student can score is 94.