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Research Data Management Techniques

10am Monday, 23rd Jan 2017

Are you drowning in research data? Do you want to know where you should be storing your data? Are you required to comply with funding body data manage...

Excel For Researchers

9:30am Tuesday, 24th Jan 2017

Data rarely comes in the form you require. Often it is messy. Sometimes it is incomplete. And sometimes there's too much of it. Frequently, it has err...

Powerful Text Searching And Matching With Regexes

9:30am Wednesday, 25th Jan 2017

Have you ever wanted to extract phone numbers out of a block of unstructured text? Or email addresses. Or find all the words that start with “e&...

Associate Professor Celeste Porsbjerg

CRE Seminar Series: A/Prof Celeste Porsbjerg "Non-Eosinophilic Asthma - Common but Poorly Understood"

1pm Wednesday, 1st Feb 2017

CRE IN SEVERE ASTHMA WEBINAR AND PUBLIC LECTURE The Centre of Excellence in Severe Asthma is hosting Associate Professor Celeste Porsbjerg (Bispebjerg...

Software Carpentry Workshop (Unix, R and Git)

9:30am Wednesday, 8th Feb 2017

Seeking a friendly introduction to programming or the Unix command line? Already writing scripts but want to fill in the blanks in your knowledge of p...

Getting started with HPC

9:30am Friday, 10th Feb 2017

Is your computer's limited power throttling your research ambitions? Are your analysis scripts pushing your laptop's processor to its limits? Is your ...

Using Databases and SQL

9:30am Monday, 13th Mar 2017

A relational database is an extremely efficient, fast and widespread means of storing structured data, and Structured Query Language (SQL) is the stan...