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Powerful Text Searching And Matching With Regexes

1pm Monday, 5th Dec 2016

Have you ever wanted to extract phone numbers out of a block of unstructured text? Or email addresses. Or find all the words that start with “e&...

Excel For Researchers

9:30am Tuesday, 6th Dec 2016

Data rarely comes in the form you require. Often it is messy. Sometimes it is incomplete. And sometimes there's too much of it. Frequently, it has err...

Cleaning & Exploring Your Data With Open Refine

9:30am Wednesday, 7th Dec 2016

Do you have messy data from multiple inconsistent sources, or open-responses to questionnaires? Do you want to improve the quality of your data by ref...

Data Visualisation With Google Fusion Tables

2pm Wednesday, 7th Dec 2016

Have you got data in different forms that you want to compare directly? Do you want to show your data on a map to improve your research message? This ...

Cultural Studies as Political Practice: Generation and Activism

11am Thursday, 8th Dec 2016

The School of Humanities and Social Science and the Centre for 21st Century Humanities present an HDR Masterclass, "Cultural Studies as Political Prac...

Conjoint Prof Peter Wark

CRE Seminar Series: Conjoint Professor Peter Wark “Monoclonal Antibody Therapies for Severe Asthma”

1pm Thursday, 8th Dec 2016

CRE IN SEVERE ASTHMA WEBINAR AND PUBLIC LECTURE The Centre of Excellence in Severe Asthma is hosting Conjoint Professor Peter Wark (The University of ...

ON Prime

ON Prime Info Session

4pm Wednesday, 14th Dec 2016

Have you got an interesting research project but need help taking it to the next level? Then read on. ON Prime is CSIRO's entry level, part-time pre-a...