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Saturday, 1st Oct 2016

Abstober is a chance to give your mind a rest and abstain from drugs and alcohol during the month of October. This event is currently aimed at the UON...

The Conservatorium & The Music Industry

The Conservatorium & The Music Industry

7:30pm Tuesday, 25th Oct 2016

Professor Richard Vella (Chair of Music), in collaboration with staff and students, will give a presentation on the state of play today regarding...

Humanities Startups: A Workshop

9am Thursday, 27th Oct 2016

Do you have the next big idea? Humanities Startups - starting small but thinking big about the humanities in the 21st Century. A 2 day workshop for hu...

UON Academy end of year celebration

12pm Thursday, 3rd Nov 2016

Sessional academic staff, heads of schools, executive officers and course coordinators are invited to celebrate the achievements and recognise th...

Illustrations of research investigations

Public Lecture: Research as Education 2.0

4pm Thursday, 3rd Nov 2016

Can doing research become the foundation for 21st Century lifelong learning? In this Public Lecture, Professor Andrew Brown from the UCL Institute of ...

RE-THINK #4: On a Fatal Shore

6pm Thursday, 3rd Nov 2016

Re-Think is a public seminar lecture series run by The University of Newcastle’s School of Humanities and Social Science, where UON humani...

Professor Frank Doyle, Harvard University

Dean of Harvard Engineering Public Lecture

6:15pm Thursday, 3rd Nov 2016

Convergence: unexpected partnerships in engineering and biomedicine How can we build robots that act like living organisms? What will it take to devel...

LeasePlan Logo3

LeasePlan On Campus

8am Tuesday, 8th Nov 2016

Want a one-on-one discussion about novated leasing? Call the University of Newcastle VIP line on 1300 710 892 and one of our specialist Novated Lease ...