Study the Diploma of Languages at the University of Newcastle and widen your scope for global interaction.

Diploma in Languages

Why study with us?

Why Study Languages?Languages at the University of Newcastle

The Diploma of Languages is a new program offered by the University of Newcastle since 2011. If you'd like to learn a language such as Chinese, French, German or Japanese, alongside your main bachelor degree, then this program is for you. You are also able to study the Diploma of Languages as a stand-alone enrolment, either as a first tertiary degree program or after another program.

When you study languages at the University of Newcastle you will make a very significant addition to your CV that is sought after by many employers. It can also bring great personal satisfaction. Your language studies will allow you to develop a deep appreciation of cultural difference and exciting opportunities to communicate with people from outside the English-speaking world.  

Language study enhances travel opportunities and is an unrivalled way to gain cross-cultural understanding. If you desire a career that involves travel, overseas postings, teaching, and interaction with foreign-language clients and markets, then the Diploma of Languages will prove invaluable.

What you will study