Project Manager

Project managers are primarily responsible for planning, organising and executing projects. They manage staff, prepare budgets and report to management on progress. They are required to anticipate and solve problems before they occur, create strategies and frameworks for future management decisions and must be excellent communicators who can coordinate and motivate staff. The exact tasks of a project manager will depend on the industry in which they work and the type of project for which they are employed. Sometimes this employment will be contractual and project specific, alternatively, it may be ongoing and require the project manager to shift between projects, identify needs and create proposals for potential new projects.

Industry specific expertise is essential in this role where both hands-on experience and post-graduate qualifications in management and business are highly regarded. Employment opportunities are diverse and exist in industries such a manufacturing, construction, mining and transport.

Construction - Project Manager

The project manager provides consultation advice to the client or developer with reference to construction during the design through to construction of major building projects. The basic objective of the project manager is to integrate the project planning, design and construction phases.

The project manager's role is to coordinate and communicate the entire project process using skills and knowledge in design and construction to clarify cost, time consequences and construction feasibility of design decisions; by managing the bidding, award and construction phases of the project to maintain quality, function and aesthetics whilst minimising project cost and time.

Although their specific duties vary according to the nature of the construction project, some common work activities include:

  • Liaising with clients, engineers, architects, labourers, and others involved in the construction project.
  • Reading and reviewing blueprints of construction designs.
  • Employing specialised computer software to schedule resource allocation and budgeting.
  • Overseeing the delivery of tools, equipment, and supplies.
  • Hiring and directing subcontractors.
  • Managing conflicts through dispute resolution techniques.

Construction - Consultant Project Manager

The consultant project manager's role is similar to that of a project manager; however they provide consultation to the client rather than construction companies, or developer. The consultant project manger is also responsible for the following:

  • Appointing the architect
  • Appointing engineers
  • Choosing builders and other service providers

The consultant acts as a middle man between the client, builders, architects and engineers involved in the project.