An Illustrator is a very artistic and technologically-advanced field. Illustrators are also known as graphic artist who supplement writings by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the written subject. Areas of work include advertisement, greeting cards, posters, books (children and comic books), magazines and newspapers. Some illustrators pursue a career as cartoon illustrators which lead to very exciting job opportunities.


Archeological Illustrator

Archaeological illustrators are technical illustrators within the field of archaeology. Archaeological illustration can be divided into a few disciplines such as artefact illustration, interpretation and reconstruction illustration, photography and surveying. Archaeological illustrators work hand in hand with archaeologists to produce a more comprehensive and visually appealing record of archaeological sites, landscape, buildings and artefacts. Archaeological illustrators use traditional tools such as pen and ink however with the development of new computerised technologies and tools they have been using digital photography equipments, scanners, GPS and GIS, aerial photography and graphics and page layouts softwares.

Botanical Illustrator

A botanical illustrator creates sketches and illustrations of trees, plants and flowers. This job not only requires a great deal of artistic ability and skill but it also demands very specific and technical knowledge of botanical science. Students interested in this field could obtain a graduate diploma that specialises in plant and wildlife illustration. Most available jobs are freelance positions that are available through organisations such as research facilities, museums, universities and local councils. The freelance illustrators generally receive a higher income compared to those employed by an organisation. Another advantage of being a freelance illustrator is that the illustrator will be able to own the copyright to artwork and have entitlement to any future royalties of any illustration.  

Children's Book Illustrator

Children’s book illustration has become a very popular career whereby literature meets arts. Children's picture books can be a cognitively accessible source of high quality art for young children. Many authors work with a preferred artist who illustrates their words; others create books together, and some illustrators write their own books. Majority of career opportunities in this area are freelance work in which the authors or publishers seek illustrators with particular qualifications for a specific project with a fixed budget and time.

Medical Illustrator

Medical illustration is a very technical field for professional artists who are interested in creating visual material to help record and publish medical, biological and similar knowledge. Medical illustrators also work as consultants and advisors within the field of bio-communication. Medical illustrators employ both traditional and modern (computerised and digital) tools in order to create their work that are presented in medical books, advertisements, journals, films, animations, computer-assisted learning programs, exhibitions and lecture presentations. Due to the rapid development of forensic science, many medical illustrators are employed in various areas and have expanded their focus in to three dimensions, creating anatomical teaching models and facial prosthetics.

Scientific Illustrator

Also known as technical illustrator, scientific illustrators visually communicate information of technical nature through illustration such as technical drawings or diagrams. The aim of a scientific illustrator is to convey very technical and complex information to a non-technical audience. An example of this is the creation of illustrated instructions for automobile manuals and consumer electronics so the lay person would be enabled to operate these highly-technical machineries with ease.