Web Designer

A web designer creates and arranges the pages that make up a website.  Web designers often have to balance how a page looks versus how a web page functions, which can involve some compromises.

Methods and standards are forever changing in the world of web design and web designers need to keep abreast with the latest standards and technologies.  Currently, it is preached that web content be written in HTML5 and all layout written in CSS3.

Of recent importance is website accessibility, which refers to creating web pages that are accessible to anyone, no matter what device they are using.  With the recent boom of smartphones, such as the iPhone and Android, there is an increasing need to design websites that are accessible on devices with far smaller resolutions than a standard personal computer.  Website accessibility also stresses the importance of making a website accessible to those with any kind of disability.

Web designers also must be careful that their websites look and function the way they desire across all the common web browsers ie. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera.  With the increasing support for the previously mentioned HTML5 and CSS3 within these browsers, this is a far easier task than it was just a few years ago.