Systems Engineer

Systems Engineers help in the design, selection and installation of information technology systems, whether they are computer systems, precision component systems, or other hardware. They are also responsible for the testing and troubleshooting of these systems and conducting research into user interaction with the systems. They assist organisations in acquiring systems suited to current and projected needs. When designing systems they envision component types and their interconnections, to meet specifications needed by the client, and select the hardware, software and accessories needed to achieve the most effective system.

An undergraduate degree is a minimum requirement for this type of position, and approximately five years of experience is usually expected. It would be recommended to continue with post graduate qualifications to become a Systems Engineer. Systems Engineers need to be able to work in a team, analyse technical and business problems, be innovative, have good communication, problem solving, interpersonal and practical skills. Positions are available in the telecommunications industry, government, and private sector in consulting firms, information system divisions, manufacturing companies and so on.