Sound Technician

Sound technicians amplify, record, mix or produce sound using technical equipment. Sound technicians work closely with producers, directors, arrangers and performers to achieve the desired sound for the different audio and musical mediums. Sound technicians work in radio, television, recording studios, theatres and other live performance venues. Some of the typical duties include:

  • Setting up, testing and operating sound equipment, including microphones, to suit the acoustics of the performance space or venue
  • Monitoring audio signals to detect problems with sound production, and to maintain sound levels
  • Dubbing and editing sound recordings
  • Produce pre-recorded special effects when directed
  • Building, installing and servicing sound systems

Sound technicians may work in the technical sales and installation roles or may specialise in operating or maintaining sound equipment.

Formal training in sound engineering, communications or sound production is necessary for entry into these roles. A good ear for details in sounds, an aptitude for working with computers and technical equipment together with a strong interest in working in this field are pre-requisits.