Sound Effects Editor

Sound effects editors are sound editors who specialise in editing sound effects. They create or manipulate the sound effects (commonly abbreviated as FX) in a particular project and deliver a more dramatic experience for the audience or consumer. In most cases, sound effects editors construct sounds from scratch. They focus on selected sounds to create tension, atmosphere and emotion. They also impart personality to film characters. Sound effects editors must have the ability to pay great attention to details and use the most current electronic equipments to perform their job.  These are some of the tasks in this job:

  • Operate audio equipment to record and edit music, dialog and sound effects for films, videos, radio and television
  • Mix and edit sound effects in the studio
  • Use control board to coordinate and balance pre-recorded sound effects with movies or TV shows
  • Use console board to adjust volume and sound quality during recording sessions
  • Keep a log of outgoing broadcast signals and recording sessions
  • Think of creative ways to mix sound or coordinate camera feeds
  • Handle sound boards, microphones, sound effects, antennas and other recording equipment
  • Create MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) programs for storing sound effects styles

The starting position in this field is usually as an assistant sound editor. Experienced studio sound effects editors may advance to producer positions and senior film editor positions.