School Counsellor

School Counsellors are an integral part of the school’s welfare team in providing support for students (pre-school to year 12). School Counsellors work closely with students, parents and teachers, undertaking a range of activities including:

  • counselling students
  • formally assessing students’ learning and behaviour,
  • providing information and assistance to parents and carers about their child’s education,
  • assessing and identifying students’ disabilities that affect their learning.

School counsellors work collaboratively with teachers, principals, parents/carers and often act as a point of referral to other agencies concerned with the well-being of students.


School Counselling is a specialist area in psychology. In many school systems, School Counsellors are qualified teachers who have a degree in psychology and who have completed a postgraduate course in school counselling. School Counsellors in non-government schools may be registered psychologists with expertise in children and learning.