Satellite Telecommunications Expert

A satellite telecommunications expert is involved in projects for new and existing communications networks, in organisations that employ broadband technologies, satellite and wireless communications, and Information Technology. A satellite communications expert can work on the space segment or on the ground segment of a particular project.

General duties of a satellite telecommunications expert include:

  • Design of national and regional satellite networks to deliver entertainment television and audio services employing industry standards
  • Preliminary and detailed design of a global satellite communications network: selection of appropriate satellite capacity; definition of the ground segment; selection of user terminals; review and improvement of technical and management operations
  • Assessing and valuing new satellite and broadband communications technologies
  • Resolution of technical issues relating to the performance of satellites and satellite networks due to improper design, manufacture, test and verification, operation and external sources of radio-frequency interference

A satellite telecommunications expert, like Rabih Moussa, can also specialise in areas such as providing wireless Internet access to far-flung parts of the globe. Among other things, Rabih figures out how much bandwidth to allocate Web access, and how strong the signal should be to create a robust link. To read more about this dream job, click here.

Another exciting area a satellite telecommunications expert may work is in the study of space meteors and their effect on satellites. Click here to find out more.