Risk Analyst

Risk analysts are employed by organisations in both the public and private sector to perform data analysis and identify potential financial risks to assets, investments, potential earnings and profit. Professionals in this field evaluate proposals, make strategic recommendations regarding insurance and help to develop emergency contingency plans. Globalisation has seen the rise of a specialisation within this sector labelled "political risk analysis" in which analysts may study the social, political and economic conditions of a region and make recommendations on the risk of investment.

Post graduate courses in risk management are offered at some universities though entry level positions may be gained by those with undergraduate qualifications in mathematics & statistics, accountancy, business, law or economics & finance. Employment may be found in the following industries:

  • Large commercial and industrial organisations (e.g. the resource industry)
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks and investment institutions
  • Risk analyst consultancies - these typically exist only in major cities in Australia and overseas
  • Government agencies (e.g. in international policy, trading and economics)