Residential Care Worker

The role of a Residential Care Worker is quite similar to that of Hostel and Refuge Workers. Residential Care Workers often provide relief or work in conjunction with Hostel and Refuge Workers. They are responsible for looking after the physical, social, health, recreational and educational wellbeing of the people within the residential care unit whether they are children, young adults, refugees, the elderly or disabled, and ensuring the rights and interests of the people under their care are protected at all times. They may also be involved with implementing some behavioural management strategies with specific residents, organising transport to and from venues, performing residential tasks such as cooking, cleaning and home management.

Residential Care Workers need to have excellent communication, interpersonal and time management skills and a current First Aid Certificate. It is not necessary to have a tertiary degree, but a social sciences or welfare type degree will provide you with relevant transferable skills as well as giving you a strong background in welfare related matters. If seeking employment in a setting involving the care of young people or children, criminal record checks may be a part of the employment process. Having experience working with the population type of the residence where you are seeking employment will increase your chances of employment.