Rehabilitation Consultant

Rehabilitation counsellors or consultants facilitate the personal, social and economic independence of individuals with a disability, Rehabilitation Consultants often complete the following tasks:

  • Provide counselling on adjustment issues for disabled or injured individuals
  • Assess client's psychological, social, vocation, medical and personal needs to develop individual rehabilitation programs
  • Implement and assess individuals' rehabilitation programs, usually within a multidisciplinary case management context
  • Liaise with and refer clients to medical and allied health professionals, job trainers, educational providers, insurance personnel and employers
  • Organise vocational and employment assessments, including training and job placement needs
  • Negotiate with employers for return to work plans
  • Give information and advice to organisations involved with providing services to people with disabilities

Rehabilitation Counsellors must have an interest and concern for human wellbeing; have strong analytical and problem solving skills along with excellent oral and written communication skills. Rehabilitation Counsellors must also possess an understanding of confidentiality, discretion and tact when dealing with people.

To become a Rehabilitation Counsellor, individuals require a degree in Psychology, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing and other related qualifications together with a postgraduate qualification in rehabilitation.