Recruitment Consultant

The role of a recruitment consultant is to interview job applicants to determine their suitability to particular jobs and training needs in order to help organisations to find suitable staff. Recruitment consultants may complete the following tasks:

  • Interview individuals looking for work and record relevant details, check references, and prepare shortlists to refer to employers.
  • Analyse job vacancy information from employers and record details of the job such as tasks to be completed, required qualifications and experience, working conditions, pay and so forth.
  • Conduct and analyse psychometric tests such as intelligence and memory tests.
  • Prepare resumes and provide assistance to individuals regarding interview presentation.
  • Assist in targeted marketing and recruiting schemes in order to increase the applicant pool for a particular job in an organisation.

Recruitment consultants come from a variety of educational backgrounds such as Psychology, Human Resources, Business and the Arts and Humanities. Professionals in this field must have a good understanding of the skills, knowledge, abilities and potential of individuals; have good analytical and decision making skills and excellent oral and written communication skills.

Recruitment consultants may be employed by generalist recruitment companies or industry specific organisations. Employment may also be found in large companies who handle their own recruitment matters.