Radio/TV Announcer

Announcers, also known as Media Presenters or Broadcasters, deliver radio, television and live programs to the viewing public. These may include music or chat programs, interviews, live to air concerts, documentaries, news bulletins, and sports programs with the announcer often conducting their own research and writing their own scripts. It is essential for Announcers to have a clear speaking voice with good command of the language in which you are announcing, have good communication skills, work well under high amounts of pressure, have a solid knowledge of the subject they are presenting and a broad general knowledge, be well groomed, be willing to work in remote areas and have technical competence in working broadcasting equipment.

It is advisable to gain experience by volunteering at educational and community radio and media stations, and be aware that irregular hours are often unavoidable. However, radio and television positions are often limited, with more vacancies in country stations. Once you have gained access to the industry, employment prospect may improve, but advancement is often improved by building a strong reputation and networking.