Physiotherapists use a range of treatments to reduce pain, restore function and improve an individual’s quality of life. Treatments may include therapeutic exercise, massage, mobilisation and manipulation of joints, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy. Physiotherapists treat a wide range of people including babies, children, pregnant women, athletes, and people recovering from major surgery, heart disease or stroke. Physiotherapy graduates can work in many organisations; including hospitals, community health centres, rehabilitation centres, school programs and private practice.

To register as a Physiotherapist in Australia, you must complete an accrediteddegree in physiotherapy. Alternatively, graduates with a relevant bachelor degree can then complete a postgraduate qualification in physiotherapy. There are a number of universities that offer postgraduate courses in physiotherapy, each of which will have different prerequisites and entry requirements.

Further into their career, physiotherapists can choose to specialise in a certain area of practice. To gain accreditation in a specialty area, a qualified Physiotherapist will need to undertake appropriate educational and professional development activities.