Parliamentarian / Member of Parliament / Politician

Parliamentarians are elected by the people (constituents) of a particular region (electorate) to represent their interests. They make decisions in federal, state or territory parliaments and undertake activities in their local electorates.

A parliamentarian may perform the following tasks:

  • present issues for debate and discussion in parliament
  • propose changes to existing legislation and policy that best serve the interests of the public and the electorate
  • investigate matters of concern to the public or particular interest groups
  • present petitions on behalf of concerned interest groups
  • serve on parliamentary committees or enquiries
  • manage an office in their home electorate and in the house of parliament

This occupation has a high level of personal contact. Elected parliamentarians tend to spend most of their time working with constituents and their problems. This may include such matters as pensions, taxation, immigration visas and other personal problems.