Oral Health/Dental Therapist

Oral Health Therapists undertake clinical and health promotional tasks within a dental team. Oral Health Therapists promote preventative practices within the community and perform routine oral health care, including diagnosis and treatment of dental decay and gum disease in children and adolescents, under the general supervision of dentists.


In collaboration with schools, health clinics and community groups, Oral Health Therapists design and deliver programs to promote good oral health. Together with other health care teams, Therapists will often work with groups of people who do not have access to dental care and provide health promotion services to child care and elderly residential care settings. Therapists will give advice to managers of care facilities on oral health matters, including nutritional requirements.


The routine dental treatments Therapists may perform include dental examinations and some procedures for children and adolescents; gum condition treatments, taking impressions for mouthguard construction, and alerting dentists about more complex dental problems for people of all ages.

A degree in Oral Health and Postgraduate qualifications together with registration to practice is required for Oral Health Therapist positions.