Network Support Engineer

Network Support Engineers use their expertise in systems, in a highly challenging role of supporting the technical aspects of an organisation. That is they maintain all technology systems, operations and maintenance for office support systems including file, print and application servers, as well as providing network support. They need to be highly skilled in a variety of computer packages, including but not limited to recent Windows applications, Lotus, Zenworks, Linux and Cisco, switching and routing equipment, and be able to perform analysis of systems, develop technical system requirements, introduce and deploy new technologies, improve and give time estimates on enhancements for technical system products, and maintain and co-ordinate the configuration of models.

Network Support Engineers should have good communication, analytical and problem solving skills and be able to work as part of a team, as well as having strong technical knowledge and skills. A degree with a strong element of computer science or mathematics is essential, with some organisations also partial toward a diploma in data processing or communications.