Museum/Art Gallery Curator

Responsible for museum and/or gallery collections, Curators will need experience working in the area as well as relevant qualifications.

Curators are responsible for:

  • Care, development, documentation, presentation and publication of a collection (including art objects, artefacts in various media).
  • Organising exhibitions, including overseeing loan shows and grant applications to support exhibitions.
  • Actively seek new acquisitions and develop relationships with collectors and donors.
  • Providing research expertise on collections; work with academics, guest curators, artists, students and the general public.
  • Ensuring that moral rights, protocols and cultural sensitivities are applied and safeguarded.

Museum curators usually specialise in a broad discipline, including anthropology, art, decorative arts, natural history, social history, science or technology, and within that discipline they are generally recognised as authorities on one or more specific subject areas. They may also specialise as an Education Officer develops and administers special programs to educate visitors about the collections and exhibitions. Education officers may also organise and travel with mobile exhibitions to suburban or country areas.