Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokers assist clients in choosing a suitable home loan, then manage their application, submitting paperwork, ensuring requirements are met and liaising between the bank and client. Mortgage brokers have extensive knowledge of the different products provided by banks, are familiar with relevant policy and legislation and have financial skills which allow them to advise their client.

In Australia, any professional providing financial advice needs to comply with PS146 accreditation and mortgage brokers also require specific accreditation; currently this is a Certificate IV in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking). In addition, most employers require university qualifications in finance or a related discipline as well as membership in a professional association such as the Mortgage Industry Association of Australia. However, requirements do change and should be investigated fully using an up to date source such as A career in mortgage broking is usually well-paid with the opportunity to earn bonuses. Employment opportunities exist all over Australia.