Model makers

Model makers construct full-size and scale replicas of architectural, engineering, landscape, automotive, and other industrial designs. The model maker helps designers see what their designs look or work like before it is actually constructed or manufactured. Modal makers use creative and practical skills to visualise three dimensional forms from sketches, scale drawing and other 2D media.

Model makers may also be part of an industrial research, design and development teams specialising in either in highly-artistic or technically adept models

Model makers may perform the following tasks:

  • Interpret technical drawing
  • Choose suitable material, construction process, and methodology to produce authentic models as required
  • construct models using a variety of adhesives, machinery and hand tools
  • operate computer modeling programs
  • accurately reproduce details such windows
  • produce functional models for testing such as wind tunnel test, to ensure they work to the required standards before manufacture
  • adhere to local and/or national design standards
  • Alter models to meet new specifications.