Management Consultant

Management consultants analyse a business problem or issue on behalf of a client and gather information to provide recommendations and solutions. Developing the solution may require an in-depth analysis of the organizations procedures and systems, financial position and expenditure, staffing structure and the tasks and functions of individual employees. Professionals in this field are excellent communicators who help organisations to adopt and implement their ideas and systems and aim to promote and improve productivity and efficiency.

Management consulting can be broken up into various specialities and educational backgrounds leading into the role are varied. Some professionals complete studies in the arts or in business and many choose to complete post-graduate business management qualifications. A proportion of this type of work is gathering data, interviewing employees and studying records, so complementing studies with research or statistics based courses may be useful and increase employment opportunities. These opportunities exist mainly with management consultancies and human resources agencies, though some professionals choose to freelance and contract their services out. Independent consultant roles are usually only available to those with fairly extensive work experience, though graduate positions are often available within teams at large management consultancies. Other entry paths exist through human resources, middle management and the financial service industry.