Graduate Analyst/Programmer

A graduate analyst or programmer is a general job title dependent on the employer organisation. Alternate general titles include graduate computer systems developer and graduate computer systems architect. As evidenced by the title, this position is designed for a graduate engineer who has no more than two years experience in the industry, providing on-the-job guidance and training.

Personal strengths required for such roles include high motivation, initiative, strong problem solving abilities and the capability to build on your knowledge and be a quick learner of new skills.

Some responsibilities in this occupation include:

  • Assisting the systems development team with the development and enhancements of current applications in line with business requirements;
  • Providing customers with timely and efficient support in the use of corporate applications;
  • Contributing to the provision of accurate and timely reports as required by management and key decision maker
  • Assisting with the effective testing and implementation of a range of business applications.