Festival/Events Co-ordinator

Festival and Events Co-ordinators plan and organise special events for clients. Events may include parties, wedding receptions, conventions, meetings, conferences, team building, product launches, birthdays, reunions, awards events, exhibitions, fashions shows, fairs and festivals, charity fundraisers, political, sporting or holiday events and grand openings, bring international events to Australia and organise events that will be sustainable over time. Festival and Events Co-ordinators liaise, co-odinate and negotiate services and budgets with clients and service providers, organise venues, displays and transport, manage staff, contractors, administrative matters and often the event itself.

Festival and Events Co-ordinators are often employed in large hotels, function and conference centres, community centres and tourist resorts, but may also work for individual events management firms, local councils, or become self employed. They need to be able to work well with others, and in a team environment, have good communication, negotiation, delegation and organisational skills, pay attention to detail (including their grooming), be able to work well under pressure, have a positive attitude, an ability to multi-task, and a high level of enthusiasm. Tertiary qualifications are not necessarily essential for this type of position; however, employment prospects may be improved with relevant credentials, such as post graduate studies in event management. Gaining experience is essential for employment in this industry, whether it is paid or voluntary, or being involved with University associations and clubs.