Environmental Manager

Environmental managers oversee the environmental impact (or performance) of organisations in both the public and private sectors. As agents of change, they are responsible for identifying and resolving environmental problems arising from organisational activities, such as pollution, deforestation and natural resource consumption.

Environmental managers develop and implement sustainable strategies to help minimise, and promote awareness of, the environmental impact of an organisation. For example, environmental managers may be involved in training staff and executives to recognise ways in which they can improve environmental performance.

Environmental managers have a very broad workload. Typical work activities may include:

  • Carrying out impact assessments to identify environmental risks and reduce financial costs.
  • Writing environmental reports.
  • Raising awareness of emerging environmental issues within the organisation.
  • Ensuring compliance with environmental legislation and maintaining contact with environmental agencies.
  • Developing pollution prevention and recycling programs.
  • Participating in environmental research and education.
  • Negotiating environmental service agreements.
  • Monitoring costs and revenue associated with environmental management.
  • Combining environmental management with other regulatory activities, such as health, safety, and quality.