English as a Second Language Teacher (ESL Teacher)

English as Second Language (ESL) Teachers provide targeted English language instruction to students from non-English speaking backgrounds. ESL Teachers plan and deliver lessons to groups and individuals aimed at developing the English language and literacy skills required for learning in all subjects and levels of learning. Depending upon the setting, the scope of an ESL Teacher role may include:

  • providing assistance and advice to other teachers of students from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • providing support for newly arrived migrants or international students by orienting them to their new learning environment
  • work in the classroom alongside the mainstream classroom teacher

ESL Teachers may work in a range of settings with students from all ages – private and state schools, adult migrant education centres, private language colleges, TAFE and universities. To be eligible to work in schools, ESL teachers require primary or secondary teacher training (accredited with the state authority) together with an approved course in teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL); other settings may only require a post graduate TESOL qualification. A strong interest in languages and cultures is desirable.