Computer Systems Architect

Computer systems architects develop project plans for the construction of new computer programs or systems. They may be employed by such organisations as technical support specialists, by computer systems manufacturers as sales representatives, or by independent firms as consultants.

The computer systems architect may take a comprehensive profile of a client's current and predicted software and hardware needs, and incorporate this into the development of an enduring, affordable, and efficient network. They require a combination of practical, interpersonal, and intellectual knowledge, and an understanding of business practices.

Computer systems architects find employment in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, information technology sectors in businesses, and government agencies. Common duties include:

  • Designing, installing, and upgrading computer software/hardware and peripherals (such as printers, modems, and scanners).
  • Understanding the business domain (i.e., budgets and expenses), technical limits and constraints of computer systems.
  • Providing technical support, attending to computer breakdowns and performing repairs.
  • Collaborating on design decisions with a team of developers.
  • Promoting architectural goals such as adaptability.
  • Configuring wireless networks and servers.