Computer Architect

Unlike a computer systems architect who works primarily with software, a computer architect selects and interconnects hardware components to create computers. A computer architect determines what attributes are important for a new computer, and then designs a computer to maximise performance while staying within cost, power and availability constraints. They also examine new ways to make computers systems smaller, while increasing their efficiency. These computer systems can be used for such tasks as networking, communications, multimedia and/or scientific computing.

Driven by ongoing demand from businesses and consumers for lighter, cheaper, more powerful systems, computer architects work in highly competitive companies who want to gain market advantage by releasing the "hottest" and most popular systems. Some examples of systems computer architects have been, or can be, involved in include successfully inserting fully functioning computers into automobile engines, into traffic lights, and even into batteries . Computer architects have also helped to guide global consumers from using film cameras to operating highly developed digital imaging equipment.

This position does require a minimum of a Bachelor degree, with a Masters and/or PhD research degree being of great advantage.