Community Development Worker

Community Development Workers facilitate community development initiatives and collective solutions within a community to address issues, needs and problems that arise within that community.

Community Development Workers must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills and enjoy working with and assisting others. They must also have a solid understanding and awareness of the community involved, be able to manage and resolve conflict, and work effectively within a specified time frame. A degree in Psychology, Social Work, Social Science or a related discipline is most often necessary. Relevant paid or unpaid work experience in the field of health, welfare or allied health is often required and highly praised.

The role of a Community Development Worker often include:

  • researching and assisting in the planning, development, maintenance and ongoing evaluation of community facilities in relation to health, welfare, recreation, housing, employment, community facilities, development programmes, policies and budgets
  • developing strategies to encourage community participation and raise community awareness of available services, programmes, and support networks
  • collaborating with a variety of government and non-government bodies and altering and evaluating community service policies and programs
  • working with individuals who may have emotional, social or financial difficulties

Anthropologists who work as Community Development Workers may specialise as an Aboriginal Affairs Administrator. They are involved in running organisations that provide services and assistance to Aboriginal communities in areas such as art and crafts, education, health and housing. Their work also involves organising events and activities to meet local needs.