Change Management Consultant

Change management consultants can be employed by large organisations, small business, or even on a private basis. They offer a range of services to assist the smooth introduction of new systems or structure to a workplace. One of their primary aims is to minimise resistance to change, working with all levels of the organisation to do so. Change management services are often engaged when an organistaion implements change in order to survive and prosper in a competitive market or situation. Change management services may include:

  • The development and implementation of change programs
  • Facilitatation of change through workshops
  • Job re-design
  • Utilisation of behaviour analysis to understand roles and organisational culture
  • Implementation of responsive strategies in workforce retention and other workforce related areas
  • Identification of risks or issues that may impact the successful outcome of projects

Change management consultants can specialise in areas such as organisational, cultural, procedural, technological and/or strategic change. To do this, it is essential that they have experience in the field, project management experience, as well experience liaising and working with various levels of staff, external vendors and stakeholders. Change management consultants have excellent communication and relationship building skills, data analysis and interpretation skills, self motivation, are adaptive, efficient and capable of multi tasking and are able to work as part of a cohesive team.

Many employers require a person in this role to have tertiary qualifications in an area related to the type of change being implemented, for example Psychology for cultural change or IT for technological change. Industry experience of at least 5 years is also often required.