Careers Counsellor

A Careers Counsellor is a career development practitioner who works with people at different ages and stages of life. Their work is concerned with helping individuals and groups to:

  • explore issues related to work decisions
  • collect and reflect on information to help develop plans
  • develop skills to implement plans
  • manage career transitions.


Careers Counsellors will:

  • use assessment tools and techniques to help clients to identify their interests, skills, aptitudes and abilities, and lifestyle preferences, and relate them to the world of work
  • develop coaching and training programs
  • help clients with job searching strategies, job applications and developing interview skills and career portfolios
  • provide information and referral services on educations and training, other professional practitioners (clinical psychologists and counsellors) and employment services
  • prepare reports and maintain client records
  • undertake continuous research in the areas of labour markets and career development theories.


Careers Counsellors may work within tertiary institutions such as TAFE and universities or in private practice. Qualifications include undergraduate training in areas including psychology, education or human resources, together with post graduate qualifications in Career Development Studies.

School Careers Adviser

  School Careers Advisers assist high school students to develop personal career plans. This is done through career education programs that include formal lessons, guest presentations, work experience programs, and excursions. Careers Advisers work collaboratively with students, parents/carers, other teachers, employers, community agencies and training providers to ensure that up-to-date information and programs are relevant to students and their communities. The Careers Adviser role is varied and may include:

  • Teaching career development programs and lessons
  • Providing individual career counselling
  • Organising job placement and work experience programs
  • Undertaking continuous industry and labour market research, including liaison with training providers and professional bodies


School Careers Advisers need to be qualified high school teachers who have completed an approved career development studies – at either undergraduate of postgraduate level. See the Australian Blueprint for Career Development website for further details on qualifications and role.