Biostatisticians apply statistical methodology to help find solutions to biological and health problems. They conduct research, collect statistical data, interpret results and make conclusions about the characteristics of disease and treatments, medication and the environment. Their work is often performed in conjunction with IT, computer science, and immunology and epidemiology professionals and is used in a variety of applications including:

  • The development of vaccines and medication
  • Monitoring disease growth in the population
  • Designing clinical trials
  • Informing government regulations and legislation in regards to pharmaceuticals
  • Determining relationships between environmental factors and disease

Biostatistics is an industry experiencing rapid growth, particularly in North America. Employment opportunities are increased by the completion of post-graduate studies and the completion of research. Some universities both here and in overseas provide specialised biostatistics courses at masters and doctoral levels, though complementary studies in biology and health sciences are useful in gaining entry-level positions.