Automotive Engineer

Automotive engineers are involved in the design, development and production of vehicles and their associated components. They may focus on the design and manufacture of automotive exteriors and interiors, i.e. the structural components of land-based vehicles, or on the electrical and computerised control processes underlying modern automotive systems.

Automotive engineers develop creative and efficient solutions to modern automotive issues such as safety, reliability, affordability and environmental responsibility. They are employed by companies within the automotive industry, as well as component manufacturers, racing teams and research and development organisations.

Automotive engineering can be broadly categorised into three main areas: design, research and development or production. The specific duties of the automotive engineer depend on the area specialised in, but typical responsibilities include:

  • Designing and conducting physical or computer modelling tests of automotive components.
  • Researching materials and deciding on appropriate manufacturing procedures.
  • Liaising with component or material suppliers, production workers, and other engineers.
  • Using computer-aided packages to design vehicles and components.

Opportunities for automotive engineers are higher internationally, although the industry is growing in Australia. For more information, see the Society for Automotive Engineers Australasia.