Arts Manager

Arts Managers provide personal management for conductors, opera and concert singers, instrumentalists, ensembles and bands, dancers, visual artists, fiction and non-fiction writers, screen writers, poets, writers of plays, artistic directors and designers and lighting designers. They provide management for concerts and tours, promotion, project administration, corporate identity and sponsorship, conference and seminar organisation, research, compilation of publications and radio programs. Arts Managers may find employment in a diversity of arts and cultural organisations either public or private, government, profit or not-for-profit, or self-employment, such as in museums, galleries, symphony orchestras, ballet, opera and theatre companies, arts centres and festivals and digital entertainment.

Arts Management courses are usually found at a post-graduate level, with entry from an arts or business degree. Skills required of Arts Managers include excellent verbal and written communication and organisation as well as knowledge in cultural policy, labour relations, human resource management, planning, funding strategies, accounting and marketing and an appreciation of the arts.