Algorithm Designer

An algorithm is a sequence of instructions that can be used to accomplish a task, and these algorithms are used in mathematics, computer programming and linguistics. The position of an algorithm designer is usually one among a team of designers who create products such as multiplayer online games, computer software, and other programs that require algorithm codes. Algorithm design deals with writing algorithms in computer programming languages, which are based on mathematical formulas.

In general, algorithm analysis is concerned with finding out how much time a program takes to run, and how much memory storage space it needs to execute the program. In particular, algorithm analysis is used to determine

  • how the data imputed affects a program's total running time,
  • how much memory a program will require to run,
  • how much hard disk space the program will take on a computer,
  • whether an algorithm produces correct calculations,
  • how complex a program is, and
  • how well it deals with unexpected results.