Agricultural Scientist

Agricultural scientists combine laboratory and research skills with an in depth knowledge of the environment to study the science of commercial food and fibre production. Agricultural scientists may specialise in an area such as soil science or genetic engineering and are employed in resource trading organisations, government agencies, environmental consultancy agencies, food processing, farm management and biotechnology research organisations. They may work in the field, in laboratories and in offices performing tasks such as:

  • Researching disease and nutrition in plants and livestock
  • Working on strategies for productivity and sustainable resource management in an agricultural context
  • Crop science and livestock management, particularly in terms of productivity
  • Analysing the impact of agriculture on the environment
  • Conducting research which informs government policy

While biology is the basis of this industry, agricultural scientists often complement their science training with economics, business and management studies.


Agricultural Scientist using genetic modification techniquest to improve crop quality and yield.

Agricultural Advisor

Agricultural Scientist who provides consultancy services and advice to farmers, businesses, industry bodies, and government departments and entities on the production, processing and distribution of farm products.