An Agent in the entertainment industry carries out activities on the behalf of a performer for financial benefit by representing them in negotiations with employers about possible engagements. Engagements may be in film, television, TV commercials, and voiceovers, theatre, dancing, or modelling. An Agent is responsible for finding performers work and negotiating the terms and conditions for that work, finalising arrangements for payment, negotiate the performers' attendance at a performance and administering the contracts of performers with entertainment industry employers. In Australia, agents are required to have membership with agent associations such as the Australian Drama agents Association, the Victorian Children's Agents Association, or other relevant state associations.

Agents need to be organised, considerate, assess a person's skills accurately, be able tell actors they were not quite good enough in a constructive manner, mediate between actors and clients, be aware of the industry, work, and money is for them and their actors. Due to the tasks involved in this type of career, an agent should have knowledge of the arts and business.