When you study a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design at the University of Newcastle, you will combine core courses with a range of electives

Bachelor of Visual Communication Design

What you will study

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The Visual Communication Design degree at the University of Newcastle has an exciting new structure that has been developed by a team of design experts. It responds to the ever changing needs of society and industry.

The curriculum is structured around a number of core and elective courses. The core courses get to the fundamentals of the discipline, while electives enable you to focus on more highly specialised areas such as photography and animation. Theory courses will deepen your thinking and provide you with in-depth understanding of design within a social context.

"We are taught to understand the elements of design and how we can use visual communication to shape the world" - Katrina

Through engaging in a series of challenging projects you will learn  about visual hierarchy, the symbolic codes of design, persuasive strategies, how to carry out research, how to engage your audience, how to work with others and how to present your ideas. You will also develop understanding of the design process, from thinking of an idea towards the actual act of turning it into a physical reality.

The following are an example of what you will study:

  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Information design
  • Human centred design
  • Advertising
  • Publishing
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Transmedia
  • Multi-media
  • Motion graphics

For more detailed program information about the Bachelor of Visual Communication Design, please refer to the handbook.

Advanced study options

Gain a competitive edge and enhance your career prospects with our Honours degree. If you perform well in your Bachelor of Visual Communication you can undertake another year of study to obtain an Honours degree. View the Bachelor of Visual Communication Design Honours degree information.

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