Bachelor of Visual Communication Design

Career opportunities

Visual Communication

Graduate attributes for the Bachelor of Visual Communication Design are the skills, abilities and knowledge sets that are highly sought after in the digital design industry. Below is the complete list of attributes that graduates will have demonstrated upon the completion of the degree.

Graduate Attributes

On completion of the Bachelor of Visual Communication Design degree, a graduate will be able to:

1. Display visual literacy applied to conceptualisation and production of design.

2. Use visual communication process to solve design problems.

3. Acquire, synthesise and apply a range of theoretical and practical design knowledge to the production of design.

4. Use oral, written and visual presentation skills effectively to communicate with clients, employers and colleagues in the business of design production.

5. Apply problem solving and critical creative thinking and evaluation skills to the solution of a range of design problems.

6. Demonstrate competent research techniques through written, oral and visual design publications/exhibitions.

7. Demonstrate competence with and understanding of the core design skills: drawing, typography and photography.

8. Demonstrate expertise in one or more of the specialist disciplines of digital, graphic or illustration design.

9. Work collaboratively and independently in the production of design.

10. Display an understanding of the business of design with a sense of responsibility for cultural, legal, environmental and ethical issues including copyright.

11. Demonstrate competence in the use of design industry technology to produce graphic, digital and illustration design from concept to finished.

Sample Jobs

Graduates of the Bachelor of Visual Communication Design can find employment in a variety of roles in many different types of organisations. The list below provides typical job titles for Visual Communication graduates.


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