Study a Bachelor of Theology with Honours at the University of Newcastle and deepen your understanding of religion today..

Bachelor of Theology (Honours)

Why study with us?

Study a Theology degree with Honours at the University of Newcastle and expand your theological perspectives through an intensive research and teaching program. 


With today's competitive environment in all sectors of employment, students are looking for any advantage in the job market. Many find it through an Honours degree.

An Honours degree allows you to pursue further study in a specific discipline, gaining increased skills and experience that employers value. Honours-level research also prepares students for postgraduate study, including the Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Through strong performance in the Bachelor of Theology or a related discipline, such as the Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy and Religion), you will be eligible to apply for Theology (Honours), which requires an additional year of full-time (or equivalent part-time) study.  

If accepted to the program, our academic team will guide you in focusing your areas of interest and developing a research proposal. Your Honours study will culminate with a 15,000 word thesis on your chosen specialisation.

Only a small number of universities in Australia offer Theology as a degree in its own right. Our program and academic team are international calibre; Excellence in Research Australia recently ranked the University of Newcastle at 'world standard' in religion and theology. In addition, Theology has developed one of the strongest library collections at the University, available to students to enhance their research.

The Bachelor of Theology (Honours) further develops students' communication skills, breadth of perspective, logical reasoning, and cultural sensitivity. Graduates find employment in a range of sectors including:

  • community and welfare
  • media and publishing
  • political advisory work
  • public service administration
  • religious ministry
  • teaching and education
  • Non-profit, non-governmental advocacy

For more detailed information about the Bachelor of Theology (Honours) program, please refer to the handbook.


You usually apply for Honours in the final year of your undergraduate degree. To be accepted for entry you must have successfully completed a Bachelor of Theology or equivalent with a credit grade point average (GPA).

Contact Dr Tim Stanley in the Faculty of Education and Arts on +61 2 4921 7927.

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